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  1. Search for and view email on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  2. How to Search for Messages in Yahoo Mail

This works for any email address.

Begin typing the email address that you want to search for in the search bar above your inbox. As you begin to type, Yahoo generates names and email addresses matching what you have entered. If no results appear, then you have had no contact with the person using the email address.

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Click the "Search Web" option to find any publicly available information about the person or business using the email address you entered. Send an email to the contact for whom you are searching.

Search for and view email on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

When searching for email, try typing the subject line or a phrase from the email in quotation marks. Typing keywords from that email should cause Yahoo to recall it during a search. To start an email search in Yahoo Mail, simply go inside any of your email folders, to see the search box right below the Check Mail and New buttons : the built-in search will find emails in any folder you have created, not just the one in which you are. Click inside the Search Mail text box: then, type one or more terms you want to search for, and hit Enter to launch the search or click on the Go button.

Depending on the number of emails and matches , you will see the search-in-progress arrow inside the text box, while Yahoo is trying to find all matching emails. If a search takes too long, you can always stop it by clicking on the Stop button. As soon as Yahoo Mail has completed the search, it will display results inside the pane that usually displays emails of the current folder:.

How to Search for Messages in Yahoo Mail

Notice that Yahoo Mail has created and opened a new tab called " Search [find-terms] ", where " find-terms " are the keywords you searched for. A light yellow information bar is displayed above the search results, indicating the number of emails Yahoo found in the screenshot above, " 10 emails were found matching your search ". By default, Yahoo Mail search results also display portions of the content of each matching email, with text highlighted in green where it found matches for your search terms.

To show emails only, without content preview, simply uncheck the Show Snippets checkbox, and Yahoo shows you email search results just like emails in regular folders:.

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As before hiding the Snippet preview, each email result is clickable, and the selected email's content will be displayed inside the Reading Pane , as it normally would. The second option Yahoo Mail offers to help you make the most of your email results is the ability to filter these results: a new " Narrow Results " pane is displayed on the right of the Search tab, allowing you to filter further any search result.

The number of search filters you'll see depends on the number of possibilities Yahoo Mail found; we will go by our sample search results, and explain the search filters you see on the screenshot. Any piece of text displayed in blue under each header is a clickable search filter: click on it, and you add new criteria to your search.