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Both the C4 and C6 went to this shift pattern and name in The C4 Dual-Range is equipped with a valve body that allows a driver to start out in second gear on snow and ice with a upshift, which is the small dot off detent next to neutral on the indicator. For one model year only—— the C4 had a five-bolt bell-housing for V-8s only. In August , the C4 and the V-8s it was mated to were fitted with a larger six-bolt bell-housing to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness.

This valve body was used from to In Drive, the C4 shifts the same as the Dual-Range at the large green dot with a normal upshift program and the same gear ratios throughout. As the C4 evolved, other design changes were introduced. There were C4 transmissions with pan-fill dipstick tubes blended case and bell-housing with tooth flex-plates.

Most C4s were case-fill notched case and bell-housing with , or tooth flex-plates. The pan-fill C4 really is more about strength for heavy duty applications like full-size cars and trucks than anything else because the bell-housing bolts to the case outside the pump housing. Case-fill C4 transmissions are light-duty; the bell-housing bolts to the front pump instead of the main case.

The — C4 input shaft and clutch hub size was. In , Ford gave the C4 a larger input shaft and clutch hub measuring. From to , the C4 had a split-spline count.

How to Identify 4R70W 4R75W AOD transmission case

It had a. At a glance, the Dual-Range valve body looks identical to — Internally, it has different valving and shift programming. The round bell, six-bolt C6 transmission for FE-series big-block V-8s. A C6 is easily identified by its one-piece bellhousing and main case design. For —, the C4 valve body changed significantly and does not interchange with — bodies due to changes in the case.

Case and valve-body bolt patterns changed for —, which is why a — valve body does not fit a — case. In Ford introduced the C5 Select-Shift transmission, which was nothing more than a C4 with a locking torque converter to improve fuel economy. However, C5 cases and many internal components are similar or identical to the C4, and are quite suitable for performance applications thanks to their improvements, as discussed in Chapter 4. Like the C4, C5s were produced as both case-fill and pan-fill with either or tooth flexplates.

None were tooth flexplate. For , Ford introduced its own heavy-duty C6 3-speed automatic transmission for high torque applications behind large displacement big-block V-8s. The C6 was produced with four basic bell-housing bolt patterns over its long production life and is a very rugged transmission designed for high-power applications.

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The round six-bolt pattern is for FE-series big-blocks such as the , , , , , , , and engines. This case is also ribbed for strength. By the s, Ford had a respectable lineup of modern lightweight automatic transmissions. An ironic footnote to this story is the weighty cast-iron FMX transmission, which remained in production until behind W small-block engines.

Ford part and casting numbers can be confusing. Once you come to understand this system, reading these numbers becomes second nature. There are actually two numbering systems. The prefix tells you when the part was originally released for production, what car line it was released for, and what engineering group it came from.

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