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Completing Form W-9 is pretty straightforward. Just provide your name on line 1, and your Social Security number in Part I. Your name should match the one that appears on your tax return. Enter your address on lines 5 and 6. Use the address on your tax return if your business address is different from your home address. Businesses should indicate their name on line 2 if it's different from your name, and their employer identification numbers in Part I.

Form W-9 is a standard tax document. By itself, it doesn't pose many problems, but there are a few situations that might wave a red flag. Backup withholding is a flat rate of 28 percent on payments made to you or your business under certain circumstances.

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There are two common reasons for backup withholding: Your name and Social Security number don't match IRS records, or you have one or more outstanding tax debts and the IRS has notified you that you're subject to mandatory backup withholding until these taxes are paid in full. Most taxpayers are exempt from backup withholding, but you must strike out the language that appears at line 2 in Part II—the certification area—if the IRS has notified you that you're subject to it.

This section reads as follows:. Real estate transactions aren't subject to backup withholding, so you can cross out this section if you're completing a Form W-9 for this purpose. Most corporations are exempt from backup withholding as well, but corporations might be required to supply a code in the "exempt payee code" box at line 4. You should submit a new Form W-9 whenever your information changes. Some people have received requests for Forms W-9 from landlords and other people or businesses. Form W-9 is used to officially ask a person or business to provide their name, address, and taxpayer identification number so that the requesting party can properly issue tax documents to the IRS.

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In general, any business that pays you interest, dividends, nonemployee compensation, or other types of reportable income will probably request Form W-9, so it seems unlikely that a landlord would ask you to complete one. If you receive a W-9 from an unlikely source who you don't expect will be paying you money for any reason, ask why it's needed. Don't complete it and submit it if you have misgivings, at least not without consulting with a tax professional first.

If you are or were being treated as an employee with a regular paycheck and your employer suddenly asks you to fill out a Form W-9 , this indicates that your employer now wants to treat you as an independent contractor. This can be a rather sticky situation. On one hand, there are some legitimate reasons why you might become an independent contractor rather than an employee. On the other hand, employers sometimes run into financial difficulties and can no longer afford to pay their half of payroll taxes.

Reclassifying you as an independent contractor provides an out for them. They don't have to pay these taxes if you're considered self-employed.

First ask yourself whether you are an employee or an independent contractor. Of course, your employer might not appreciate this, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If your employer reclassifies you as an independent contractor, you become responsible for paying his half of payroll taxes as well as your own as a self-employment tax. It is to the vendor's advantage that they supply the UO with these statuses.

If the vendor refuses to complete the UO Substitute W-9 form with their statuses, only then will a current version of the IRS W-9 form be accepted in its place. When an individual is completing a UO Substitute W-9 they must provide a home address for tax reporting purposes.

An individual should not list an office or work address in the address field. If the person wants us to mail a payment to an address other than the home address they can provide a second address to be added to Banner. Departments may not fill the form out for the vendor. For U. The University of Oregon requires a W-8 form for all foreign individuals and foreign entities regardless of the type of payment. Departments may not fill out the form for the vendor. The original W-8 form needs to be sent to apbao uoregon.

You can send either an original ink signed W-8 to AP through campus mail, or by dropping it off in AP with supporting documentation, or you can email the original scanned W-8 with supporting documentation. We cannot accept electronically signed forms. Accounts Payable has to certify receipt of the W-8 from the actual vendor in order for us to proceed with issuing payment.

Once the foreign vendor has been set up the address is valid for one year. Payments requested in succeeding years will be reviewed for the type of payment, foreign entity address and validity of the existing W-8 form. The address will be reactivated for another year once all necessary information or documentation has been received. All U. Below is a list of tips to use when conducting vendor queries:. Their legal name will appear before their business name.

It may take a little longer to do a search this way but you will find most vendors this way. If you do not find a vendor after doing a thorough search you will need to send a new vendor request. If you send just the UO Substitute W-9 alone or the invoice alone, we will not be able to process your request.

Do Vendors Need EINs? | hopharsure.cf

You will need to send both pieces of documentation at the same time to AP. The two pieces of documentation are required regardless of whether you are purchasing or paying a vendor. Central Accounts Payable must certify receipt of the W-8 from the actual vendor in order for us to proceed with the vendor set up and issuing payment; therefor, the original email from the foreign entity with the W-8 attached must be fowarded to AP when a new vendor request is made. A copy of a quote, estimate, web page, email, fax cover letter, business card, or something from the vendor showing the business information and address.

On the request let us know you need the new vendor set up for Purchase Order purposes and we will add the vendor with a VO Vendor Order address. Later, when you have been invoiced, you will need to send just a copy of the invoice to Accounts Payable so a VP Vendor Payment address can be added for payment. Again, we need two pieces of documentation for any new vendor set up. A new vendor set up request will not be completed without both pieces of documentation.

You may fax the request to Accounts Payable at , email the scanned request to apbao uoregon. Do not send a fax cover sheet unless there is no room on the invoice for your note. Also, do not put a note over anything printed on the documentations, or use colored paper or post its when we receive the fax, it may be unreadable.

Please make sure the vendor phone number and address are legible. We process many new vendors and cannot call to confirm the receipt of your request or when your request has been completed. We must have something official from the vendor, generally their invoice.

What Should You Do Next?

If you need a vendor address set up so you can process an online purchase order; please fax or email to Accounts Payable a vendor quote, estimate, web page, email, fax cover letter, business card, or something from the vendor along with a current UO Substitute W-9; or send your request with an original W-8 form so we can add a VO address to Banner. If a pre-printed envelope accompanies the subscription form, then make sure you fax or email a copy of the envelope and the subscription form which contains the contact information to Accounts Payable in order to get the correct payment address added to Banner.

The remit to address on the envelope may be different than the correspondence address on the subscription form. It is always best to send your scanned requests to the general Accounts Payable email address: apbao uoregon.

Do I Need a Tax ID Number for My Business?

Vendor requests that are accompanied by original W-8s can be delivered or sent campus mail to Business Affairs Accounts Payable. If you have an address change for a vendor, for example the invoice shows a different address than what is in BANNER , please send a copy of the invoice, registration form, subscription renewal envelope or other documentation showing the address change to Accounts Payable. We will verify the address and update the account.

Some vendors have requested that ALL payments go to a certain address no matter what is on the invoice and we cannot change these. Be sure and write your name and contact information on the documentation so we can contact you if that is the case, or if we need additional information. We will contact you and let you know if you need to get a UO Substitute W-9 for the individual. Note: If a student or employee has updated their address in Duckweb, in order to update the Banner default address in Banner you will need to complete an Accounts Payable Activation Request form.

Please remember to include your name and phone extension along with details regarding your request. If a student or employee has updated their address in Duckweb, in order to update the Banner default address in Banner you will need to complete an Accounts Payable Activation Request form.

There are other addresses that need to remain active for other purposes.

Accounts Payable does not know when a student or employee has changed their address in Duckweb.