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VIN number check digit calculation

It is a stamped metal plate, which for this year can be found "on the left front body hinge pillar directly below the upper door hinge". Clean it with the emory paper sufficiently to read the digit VIN.

Decode Your Chevrolet VIN Code

A flashlight can be used to aide in the reading of the VIN numbers. The 10 digits indicate the series, year and model, assembly plant, and in what order it was manufactured. Decode the above example VIN. Note the first digit, which denotes the vehicle's model.

Take note of the second and third digits. These are numbers that relate to the last two numbers of the model year.

Chevrolet Sample VIN

The numbers for a Chevrolet's will be " Find the plant of manufacture is by noting the VIN's 4th alpha digit. Access keys for nzta.

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Your vehicle may not need a VIN, if it has a frame or chassis number and: was first registered before 1 April entered or was manufactured in New Zealand before 1 February But, if the frame or chassis number has been removed, your vehicle must have a VIN. Older models have a tag attached to the firewall or door jam. It can also be found on the vehicle's certificate of title. The first character will indicate where the truck was manufactured. The second character cites the manufacturer.

Buy Classic Cars: VIN Decoding

The letter G is assigned to a General Motors vehicle. Learn the division from the third character. Number 1 is for Chevrolet. A is for pounds, B for , C for , D for , E for , F for , G for , H for , J for , K for , L for , and M for The type of chassis comes from fifth character. B is for an incomplete vehicle, C for a 4x2 full-size pickup, E for a 4x2 compact pickup, H for a cutaway chassis, J for a 4x4 compact pickup, K for a 4x4 full-size pickup, P for a forward control chassis, R for a 4x2 full-size pickup, S for a 4x2 sport-utility, T for a 4x4 sport-utility, U for a 4x2 all-purpose vehicle, V for a 4x4 full-size pickup, W for a Chevrolet El Camino, and X for a 4x4 all-purpose vehicle.

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  • Character No. Identify the body type through the seventh character. The number 3 is for a four-door cab, 4 for a two-door cab, 6 for a Suburban, 7 for a Motor Home chassis, 8 for a two-door sport utility, 9 for an extended cab, and 0 for a chassis only. Find the type of engine used with the eighth character.