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  2. Criminal Justice Schools in Virginia
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Next, we crunched the numbers, scaled the scores so that the top program earned the maximum possible points, and assigned each school a total point value out of Scroll down to see our results: a ranking of the 50 best, most affordable criminal justice programs in the U. Your main course of study will include a mix of criminal justice, social science, and general liberal arts classes. Plus, you'll customize your degree by choosing 12 credits of electives. The most flexible option is a fully online bachelor's degree, which you can pursue according to your own schedule. Anderson also offers a program for non-traditional and working adult students on its Greenville, South Carolina campus.

Anderson is also one of the best criminal justice colleges for pursuing an advanced degree — its master's program takes just 20 months to complete and includes a blend of online and traditional courses. The school's top-notch faculty have designed a rigorous program that incorporates data analysis and theory, tempered with hands-on experiences such as ride-alongs and tours of local facilities.

You can even choose between a B. To be sure, RIT's program is anything but traditional. The tech institute leverages its unique resources to provide one of the best criminal justice majors for students who prize theory, research, and data-driven decision-making. You'll start by building a strong foundation in the history and theory of the field, then study targeted subjects — crime analysis, social control, etc.

Explore Criminal Justice Schools in Virginia

A dedicated course in social science research methodology even prepares you to pursue your own scientific investigations in the field. You can even pursue your degree in an accelerated format! But regardless of pace or delivery method, all criminal justice majors at Concordia share the same curriculum — one that takes a close look at legal and criminal processes, the psychology behind criminal behavior, methods of forensic investigations, stress management, and other relevant issues. Because of Concordia's Christian affiliation, the degree also explores the ethics of criminal justice, including dilemmas that professionals may face in the field.

Not only does the school host a chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma the national criminal justice honor society , but it also has an active student-run club. The latter hosts speakers, plans ride-alongs, and coordinates visits to local facilities and other significant sites. On the academic front, Findlay's affordable criminal justice program packs a powerful punch. The curriculum offers a unique concentration in White Collar Crime and Fraud Investigation, and the program itself has become so popular that the department recently opened a new building! The school relies heavily on professionals in the Kansas City community to help shape its curriculum and find internship opportunities for majors.

The community advisory board includes law enforcement officials, corrections professionals, and judges, all of whom bring a unique and relevant viewpoint to the program. What's more, Rockhurst sweetens its appeal by offering a minor and certificate in Paralegal Studies. Mary's University. San Antonio-based St.

Earning an Online Criminal Justice Degree in Virginia

Mary's University is especially well-situated for anyone seeking meaningful internship opportunities. In fact, former students have interned with such prestigious organizations as the National Park Service, the state Attorney General's office, and the Department of Human Services.

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The school also provides a criminology degree alongside its cheap criminal justice program. Compared to their CJ classmates, criminology majors focus more on analyzing crime prevention techniques and developing public policy.

Criminal Justice Schools in Virginia

And if you aspire to a legal career, you can take advantage of an early admission option to St. Mary's School of Law and begin working toward your JD after just three years in undergrad. If you're hoping to minimize the costs of an already affordable bachelor's degree in criminal justice, you might appreciate the options available at the University of Pittsburgh — Greensburg. Not only does the school offer a number of merit-based scholarships, but it also has paid research positions available to undergrads.

The latter option is a great way to reduce the cost of your degree while participating in important, real-world work at the school's Center for Applied Research. It might also spark an idea for a project or thesis that you could pursue as part of your required capstone course. Because Georgia College offers its top criminal justice major through the Department of Government and Sociology, the degree takes a distinct policy-focused bent.

Undergrads in the program approach law enforcement from the top down, starting with an investigation into how the rule of law, the United States' government, and the Constitution affect modern criminal justice practices.

Virginia U.S. Representative Bobby Scott Speech on the Need for Criminal Justice Reform

At the micro-level, you'll focus on individual rights and liberties, how to protect them, and how to guard against oppression. Along the way, you'll also take courses in anthropology, sociology, economics, and more, providing a broad-strokes background that should prepare you for work in myriad career fields. At Lincoln Memorial, you'll find an affordable criminology degree program that's tied directly to contemporary themes in the field. The school's advisory board closely follows the American Criminal Justice Association's requirements and works to develop and modify courses to meet those changing standards.

The school even hosts a chapter of the ACJA. Open to both majors and non-majors alike, the organization enriches your academic studies by coordinating field trips, bringing in speakers, and arranging social events. You can even put your skills to work with service-based projects in the school's local community. Undergrads who already have a specific career in mind will appreciate the targeted options at the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

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  • This top criminal justice college offers its degree with two tracks: one in Corrections and one in Law Enforcement. The former prepares you for work in specific settings, from jails and penitentiaries to Border Patrol units and even the DEA. By comparison, the Law Enforcement track encompasses a broader range of topics, with coursework that runs the gamut from political science to psychology.

    Canisius College's accredited criminal justice degree comes with an impressively robust curriculum.


    One highlight of the program is its internship component. Thanks to the school's convenient location in Buffalo, you'll have access to job opportunities at the county- and district-level attorney's office as well as the county sheriff and city police department. Another perk? CJ majors at Canisius can pair their degree with a unique minor in Computer Forensics, which includes a strategic combination of interdisciplinary courses. On the extracurricular front, the school maintains an active chapter of the national criminal justice honor society and regularly hosts guest speakers, tours, and career-focused panel discussions.

    Although you can certainly pursue Mount Mercy's affordable criminal justice major on its own, faculty designed the curriculum to support double-majoring in a related subject.

    Studying Social Work in the Nation’s Capital

    For example, many students pursue a second degree in chemistry with a concentration in forensic science. Other recommended double-majors include psychology, political science, and social work. But even if you don't want to take on the extra coursework, you'll still benefit from a well-rounded education. If the idea of having a top-secret security clearance piques your interest, check out Ashland University's accredited criminal justice program.

    Along with more typical field experience options — working in the county sheriff's office or at a state penitentiary, for example — Ashland offers a rare opportunity for hands-on learning through its partnership with the nearby Advanced Technical Intelligence Center in Dayton. If you can pass a background inspection and meet other specific requirements, you'll get to work at the top-secret center, investigating real-world criminal cases alongside law enforcement officials from every level of government. Applicants who have already completed some undergraduate coursework in law enforcement and criminology should seriously consider Elmhurst College.

    Not only does the school offer a cheap bachelor's degree in criminal justice, but it provides plenty of flexibility in where you complete your remaining classes the only stipulation is that you take six of the degree's required courses on site at Elmhurst. As such, budget-conscious students can save money by knocking out a few credits at a local community college before transferring to Elmhurst. Another note: Elmhurst supports both B.

    Practicing Christians may be especially interested in attending Cedarville University. This small, intensely religious school incorporates a "biblical worldview" in all of its programs, and the accredited criminology degree program is no exception. Faculty design and teach all courses through the lens of "leading with integrity," emphasizing the idea that the criminal justice profession is a ministry in and of itself. In addition, all students must complete a minor in Biblical Studies.

    This means you'll graduate with knowledge not only about the criminal justice system, but also scripture, Biblical literature, and general theology. Marywood University provides a number of top-notch programs for students who want to make the most of their undergraduate years.